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Build Leadership Capacity to Drive Change

Fully customised 6-Step Talent Management Strategy to position your organisation for growth, resulting in increased revenue and profit. Our integrated suite of leadership consultative services helps develop and implement a talent strategy that compliments and delivers on corporate strategy. The tools and the overall process represent an evidence-based, structured approach to leadership performance and talent management.

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Identify critical success attributes to fully understand a role and achieve 300% increase in the success rate of selecting future top performers.

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Create a motivated staff force by aligning their career goals with your organisation’s objectives and achieve 46% average reductions in early failure rates of future top performers.

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A highly productive staff force is the lifeblood of a successful business. Select and manage top performers who will succeed in your unique culture and reduce employee turnover by an average of 47%.

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Maximize employee potential by understanding that not all people in leadership positions are effective leaders. Identify and develop internal talent and uncover your hidden top performers. Increase early success rates of future top performers by over 50%.

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Succession Planning

Strategic talent management will ensure your business’s long-term success. Think about career tracks for your employees that will maximize performance, employee morale and company success. Increase success rates of future top performers by over 50%.

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Retain your top performers through better managing the attraction engagement management development and succession planning of your greatest asset – your people.

Opportunities to increase productivity and bottom-line profitability through effective people practices

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Induction & Probation
  • Workplace Relations
  • Legal Compliance
  • Conduct & Performance
  • Learning & Development
  • Remuneration & Rewards
  • Engagement & Culture
  • Succession Planning
  • Termination & Redundancy
  • WHS & Workers Compensation
  • Organisation Change Management
  • HR Audit

Our Company

Jeromine Alpe

Our Mission

Bureau has been advocated as the preferred consultancy of choice in Australia for over 25 years.  We are known for our unique customised 6-Step Talent Management Strategy, which positions organisations to effectively achieve growth, increased revenue and profit. Our integrated suite of leadership consultative services have been proven to develop a synergistic alignment between talent and corporate strategy.

We are known for our successful approach to positioning organisations which maximises growth. Our optimum solutions to allow our clients to attract, engage, develop, manage, plan for succession and retain top talent. At Bureau, we are privileged to enjoy close partnerships with our clients based on our strategic approach to people management.

Our recruitment and selection, talent management and human resources solutions provide our clients with the tools to succeed in the marketplace and achieve their goals.  Bureau’s scientific tools and evidence-based processes facilitate for a structured approach to leadership performance and talent management. Bureau is able to turn your company assets into core competencies. Together, we lay the foundations for sustainable and viable organisational success.

Founding Partner – Jeromine Alpe


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