Identify critical success attributes to fully understand a role and achieve 300% increase in the success rate of selecting future top performers.
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Executive Search & Selection

Global Reach

Our Executive Search services are unique in that we spend time with our clients to understand the goals of the organisation, the current staff structure, the operating environment and KPI targets. Our thorough global search capability ensures effective selection of candidates who are willing to embody your company values and fulfill the job criteria aptly. Together we identify opportunities for positive change and enhancement based on the current infrastructure, managerial capability and employee experience.

A strategic Executive Search Capability

Placing the right people in the right positions to cultivate talent within your organisation

Bureau will provide you with an effective employee selection process so that your business can respond to challenges. Such challenges include preparing for the emerging talent crisis, cultivating the skill sets of your current workforce and retaining highly talented employees. We use the most technologically advanced system to measure individual talent potential and predicting job performance. We formulate a unique criterion to ensure synchronisation between your needs and the end candidate. By establishing 'JobFit' we can match the critical success attributes of proven top performers. Employees who are well matched to their position have higher attendance records, less turnover, higher job satisfaction and superior job performance.


We thoroughly identify and develop the specific objectives and measures of success to be achieved within an agreed timeframe. These measurable objectives allow us to leverage our expertise and commitment with your resources. We invest time to engage with the interview panel members to understand their particular issues and needs. Clients and senior executive candidates have recognised our successful structured approach. We have gained a reputation for being transparent and responsive with a genuine desire to act in the best interest of all parties.

5 Lessons for Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars
5 Lessons for Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars

Learn how to bring in a new star employee.

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Talent Pipelining


Talent Pipelining is the continuous benchmarking and engagement of external talent against key critical roles in your business. It’s objective is to substantially increase the quality of your recruitment outcomes whilst significantly reducing the cost. We build a strategic internal talent acquisition capability through a specific intelligence gathering process which delivers continuous benchmarking and engagement of external talent. Access to this pool of optimum candidates positions your organisation for growth.


Significant reductions to human capital risk through best practice succession planning provides anticipated cost savings in excess of 60% against standard recruitment practices. Talent Pipelining positions your company to gain a sustainable competitive advantage by decreasing the stress, time and cost of searching for the right candidates.


Strategic talent management through the acquisition of deep qualified talent pools mapped against critical roles. The employees are measured against the specific job criteria to ensure they fulfill the job requirements. Candidates are sourced who are already key performers in the passive market, as well as those available on the open market. Our thorough Australia wide search ensures you get to access to the very best human capital.


Reap the benefits of positive branding by advantageously positioning your organisation as an Innovative Employer of Choice.

Four Essential Tactics for Optimizing Organizational Talent
Four Essential Tactics for Optimizing Organizational Talent

Four essential tactics to optimize your talent.

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Global Assessments

Solutions customised to your organisation

We ensure employees have ‘fit’ to their respective roles and that your management teams are confident leaders and coaches. Our global assessments have enabled employee engagement to increase as a result. Research conducted by Tower Perrin/ISR on Employee Engagement compared the financial performance of organisations with highly engaged workforces with their peers over a one-year period. In ISR’s own words, the findings were “striking”. Companies with high levels of employee engagement enjoyed:

  • 9.2% increase in operating income in the 12 months (vs. a 32.7% decline)
  • 13.7% rise in net income (vs. a 3.8% decline)
  • 27.8% increase in earnings-per-share (EPS) (vs. an 11.2% decline)

Your organisation will benefit from an engaged culture of employees whom "fit" their respective roles and managers whom are confident and respected leaders. An engaged culture inspires your staff to achieve excellence and meet your organisation’s goals. Improving employee engagement and performance starts by providing management teams with effective tools that assist them to better attract and retain top performers, as well as improving their confidence to become better leaders and managers.

Our customised solutions include Customised Skills Testing, Multi-Rater Surveys and Employee/Client Surveys. Our consultants and business partners have a proven track record of assisting managers to increase organisational performance and employee engagement. Our aim is to transfer our knowledge, and the use of our proprietary management tools, to the management team through customised programs. Our expertise allows us to objectively identify and quantify the critical success attributes of proven top performers, candidates and employees' by using the most advanced and scientifically proven assessments in the global marketplace. In a review of 25 studies it was found that the following benefits were derived from the comprehensive range of assessment solutions:

  • The average ROI was A$26.30 returned for every dollar invested
  • The average reduction in early failure rate was 46%
  • The average reduction in employee turnover was 47%
  • The average reduction in Sales Department employee turnover was 71%

Our range of solutions include:

  • JobFit Assessments
  • Recruitment Screening
  • Skills Testing
  • Role Benchmarking
  • Identify and Quantify the Critical Success Factors and Attributes of Proven Top Performers
  • Enhanced Job Advertisements that Target the Right Candidates
  • First Interview Processes
  • Second Interview Processes and Customised Behavioural Interview Questions
  • People Management Skills
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Enhanced Job Advertisements that Target the Right Candidates
  • First Interview Processes
  • Second Interview Processes and Customised Behavioural Interview Questions
  • People Management Skills

Increase employee morale

We use surveys to address the unique desires of our clients and increase employee engagement. Employee engagement generates better individual and team performance through increased morale. Our surveys identify individual goals and align these to specific measurable outcomes. This data is then generated into a fully costed proposal of how to achieve these objectives.

Provide outstanding customer service satisfaction

We collate information on previous customer service levels to generate data on critical initiatives, which will increase future sales. We tell you how to improve products, sales and services to better meet future requirements. Customer retention and satisfaction allows a sustainable competitive advantage for your company, which contributes positively to your reputation. Resources are used more efficiently as customers increase size and frequency of purchases and time is not wasted handling avoidable complaints.

Boost organisational performance

Our clients will benefit from customised programs that maximise the performance of it's people capital by increasing employee engagement. Our expertise allows us to objectively identify and quantify the critical success attributes of proven top performers, candidates and employees by using the most advanced and scientifically proven, assessments in the global marketplace.

A Multifaceted Approach for Assessing Talent
A Multifaceted Approach for Assessing Talent

Learn how to uncover strengths and weaknesses and leadership potential.

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We reduce the disruption, time and stress associated with relocating domestically or internationally. Our Relocation Consultancy Service is highly recognised and sought after by CEO’s and HR Directors. Our experts provide a complete, personalised corporate relocation service to ensure a smooth transition for Senior Executives and their families.


Our Director of Exec-Relocations, Julieanne McCartney is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent who is qualified to source properties to rent and buy. We also cater for non-residents wishing to purchase property in Australia where Foreign Investment Review Board Regulations apply.


We can help find a property in an area that best suits a lifestyle and pricepoint. We are 'on the ground' in Sydney and have a full real estate license. We offer a fully personalized service and offer a fully customized relocation program within an agreed budget.


We help by providing outstanding customer service and commitment through every stage of the process. Our relocation packages reduce the burden of moving so that Executives can confidently focus on the achievement of agreed work goals. We understand the process and can help avoid harmful consequences of a stressful move by our comprehensive planning and taking care of all arrangements. We understand the process from A - Z. We ensure you avoid costly mistakes and the stress associated with moving.

“The fact that the move was worry-free and smooth for us is testament to a lot of hard work and a high degree of service” - SVP Australasia, Asia and South America

Leader’s Guide to Managing Workplace Stress
Leader’s Guide to Managing Workplace Stress

Understand, recognize and effectively deal with stress.

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