Managing People: The Law

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Managing People: The Law


Educate your management team on a variety of legal issues and reduce employer liability.

Increase awareness on the most successful approaches to staff management throughout the employment lifecycle.


4 hours (breaks included)

Topics Covered:
  • Your organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Overview and development of industrial relations in Australia (including Work Choices and the Fair Work Act; explanation of relevant tribunals; awards and enterprise agreements, the National Employment Standards)
  • Understanding the contract of employment and how to effect variations of contracts
  • Workplace Behaviour (guidelines for best practice and implications for employers, direct and indirect discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, victimisation and vilification)
  • Overview of the Work Health and Safety regulatory framework (including duties and applicable penalties, guidance on best practice in risk management, conducting a risk assessment)
  • The do’s and dont’s of recruitment (anti-discrimination, trade practices, effective hiring techniques)
  • Importance of inductions and on-boarding
  • Understanding and managing contractors and casuals
  • Performance Management (effectively providing feedback and implementing appropriate programs for performance improvement)
  • Managing absenteeism and long-term injured employees
  • Dealing with flexible work requests and parental leave
  • Employers’ rights in addressing employee mental health and drug and alcohol issues
  • Terminations of employment and the different types (redundancy and retrenchments, misconduct terminations, constructive dismissal and what actually happens in an unfair dismissal claim)
  • Post-employment issues (restraints of trade and protecting business interests and confidential information)

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