Managed HR Solutions

Managed HR Solutions
Our expertise and experience provides fully-customised and legally-compliant solutions to position your company ahead of the competition.
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HR solutions adapted to your size and complexity

Our diverse range of options promise the best solutions are fitted directly to your organisation's unique needs. Optimise the resources you already have by enhancing your existing HR department with our specific training and management solutions. Bureau strategies and implements optimal operational HR practices developed from our years of experience and industry knowledge. Our experienced Senior HR practitioners provide tailored solutions to improve your organisational efficiency.

We can complete your organisation with one of our trained experts if your HR position is not currently filled. Our specialists take on the HR role when the size of organisation does not require a full-time HR manager or if you are yet to find the right HR manager. Our dynamic specialists quickly adapt to your organisation and become part of the team.

Alternatively, our HR experts can upskill your current HR managers so that they can become even more dynamic and better prepared to handle the complex business environment.

Our wide-scope expertise ensures you are covered for a range of HR issues

  • Legal compliance, Industrial relations, workplace policy
  • HR administration, recruitment, assessment and selection
  • Performance feedback
  • Development and training
  • Remuneration, motivation and rewards
  • Employee relations
  • Workflow design
  • Workforce planning
  • HR restructuring
  • Organisational change management
  • Board culture creation and strategic management

Flexibility and dedication is the key

Our HR managers stay as long as the operation requires or alternatively can be of assistance indefinitely. We allow you to unlock the benefits of an optimal workforce by allowing you to manage and elevate your most precious resources – your employees!

Onsite for boutiques

We work onsite with you from conception to finalisation and implementation. This convenience allows us to know your organisation on a deeper level and saves you time and commuting costs.

Outsourcing for larger organisations

Larger and more complex organisations can optimise their work practices, enhance performance and metrics and reduce costs on systems and resourcing by using our outsourcing HR and IR functions. Bureau integrates itself with your organisation to work as an ideal complement to your company.