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Our Mission

Bureau has been advocated as the preferred consultancy of choice in Australia for over 25 years.  We are known for our unique customised 6-Step Talent Management Strategy, which positions organisations to effectively achieve growth, increased revenue and profit. Our integrated suite of leadership consultative services have been proven to develop a synergistic alignment between talent and corporate strategy.

We are known for our successful approach to positioning organisations which maximises growth. Our optimum solutions to allow our clients to attract, engage, develop, manage, plan for succession and retain top talent. At Bureau, we are privileged to enjoy close partnerships with our clients based on our strategic approach to people management.

Our recruitment and selection, talent management and human resources solutions provide our clients with the tools to succeed in the marketplace and achieve their goals.  Bureau’s scientific tools and evidence-based processes facilitate for a structured approach to leadership performance and talent management. Bureau is able to turn your company assets into core competencies. Together, we lay the foundations for sustainable and viable organisational success.

Our Vision

Experience is Everything

We focus on experience and close relationships with our clients. This has allowed us to become the trusted and respected as the Consultancy of Choice for over 25 years. We connect with our clients by delivering customised people solutions and business critical initiative. Our experience has allowed us to be the first to mind company known for our unique ability to drive your employees to achieve their best.

Unique Strategic Execution

Our unique approach develops your organisations capabilities by delivering self-managed or fully administered HCM solutions.

The Right Fit at the Right Time

We focus on finding the right people at the right time by extracting the DNA of your top performers. Successful candidates are then trained so they can fit within the organisation to accompany you to fulfil organisational goals.


Whether your organisation is looking to increase market share, execute new growth strategies or create an innovative culture, our expertise in Human Capital Solutions guarantees results.

Flexible Fee Structure

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of strategic advice within a flexible and customised pricing structure.

Our Partners